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Streamer of the Universe Game: A Week in it's Game Development


In the fast-paced world of game development, challenges often arise that test the creativity, resilience, and collaborative spirit of the teams involved. Justin Six, a seasoned game developer with a decade of experience, recently took on the ambitious task of creating a streamer simulator game in just one week. Joined by five strangers from various disciplines, including 3D artists, musicians, and fellow programmers, the team embarked on a wild and chaotic adventure as part of videogamedunkeys' BigMode Game Jam.

The Unveiling of the Team:

Justin Six introduces the eclectic team, featuring himself as the Game Dev and lead programmer, two talented 3D artists named Bjorn and Hell Caesar, a skilled musician and sound effects expert named Joey, and a mysterious unnamed programmer (later revealed). The team's diversity sets the stage for a unique blend of skills and perspectives.

Brainstorming and Discord Calls:

The journey begins with the team diving into a Discord call for a brainstorming session. The challenge is to decide on the type of game they will create within the tight deadline. After much deliberation, they settle on a streamer simulator, where players experience the various modes that popular streamers engage in during their broadcasts, from gaming to hot tub sessions.

Day One Developments:

The first day is marked by excitement and challenges. Tasks are divided, with each member focusing on specific elements. Bjorn works on modeling famous streamers, Hell Caesar creates props for their virtual rooms, and Justin Six himself tackles the development of mini-games, including a parody of Fall Guys and a gambling slots game. However, a setback occurs when the unnamed programmer announces they cannot continue due to academic commitments, leaving Justin as the sole developer.

The Search for a Fifth Member:

Undeterred, Justin Six posts a call for a new programmer, leading to promising responses from experienced individuals. However, complications arise as potential candidates decline to join after learning about the unconventional game idea. Despite the setbacks, Justin perseveres, continuing to work on the game while live streaming the process.

A New Hope:

Amidst the challenges, a new programmer reaches out, expressing interest in joining the project. With a renewed sense of energy, the team is once again complete with five members. The new programmer is set to tackle the development of the gambling mini-game, a crucial component of their ambitious project.

Artistic Progress and Animations:

As the days progress, the 3D artists make significant strides. Character models of famous streamers like xQc and Ethan from H3H3 come to life, with Hell Caesar even finishing a humorous Pickle Rick model. Justin Six introduces animations, showcasing the thickened characters in amusing scenarios like dancing in a hot tub.

Gameplay Development and Challenges:

Justin Six pushes forward, streamlining the gameplay flow and implementing systems that handle transitions between streamer modes, activities, and mini-games. The team faces a setback as external factors, such as Justin's move and unforeseen circumstances, disrupt the development process. However, the artists continue their work, injecting fresh assets into the game.

Conclusion and Teaser:

Despite the challenges, the team manages to reach a playable state by the end of day three, presenting a build to the rest of the members. Justin Six wraps up the video with a teaser of the game, showcasing the streamer simulator in action. He encourages viewers to join the community on Discord and catch the final version reveal in the upcoming week.

The article captures the highs and lows, the creativity, and the resilience of Justin Six and his team as they navigate the unpredictable world of game development. The chaos, setbacks, and ultimate triumphs provide a glimpse into the collaborative magic that can happen when strangers unite for a common creative goal. Check out the youtube video to see the game:


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