I'm currently taking a break from larger, more involved game development projects to focus on honing my own skills. Once I feel confident and have created a few small games I will pursue larger projects. These smaller games I create in the learning process will be released on this site for free. 

I've been working with Kybernesis as an additional writer for a while now on their newest title The Paranormal Intelligence Bureau. Think X-COM set in a Lovecraftian world. Development has slowed for the time being due to budgeting issues... but hopefully the game will get back on track towards release soon!

I worked for a good amount of months as part of a group of game developers. We called ourselves Excelsion and worked on a variety of game projects, but only ever finished and released this one, 12 Seconds. During my time working with them I learned a lot about making games and working with other people as I went from just wanting to be lead writer to managing the fluctuating number of people who made up our team (up to 20) and stepping up as lead creative design. 

Kitaru. The first game project I ever got involved with. I helped write quests, short stories for a library, and some text for the in game radio. My involvement with it finished a long time ago, but they are still working to bring it to a version they feel comfortable releasing.